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HAMILTON ISLAND @ WHITSUNDAYS - a lovely breakfast

Got up bright and early and headed downstairs to the lovely open-air restaurant for a big breakfast. Lemme just say I LOVE hotel breakfasts. Where else can you go absolutely bonkers and pig out like tomorrow when it's barely 9am? ;) Pure unadulterated pleasure. The restaurant's right next to the pool, and faces the gorgeous tropical gardens and palm trees (beyond which is the beach and ocean). It's wonderful to chill out and spend a nice sunny morning with a big breakfast and a hot cup of milo... mmmmm....

The restaurant

Palm trees + blue skies = perfect holiday

Cute guy :)

Food galore

My *ahem* hefty breakfast.....

After that, we wandered around the island checking the place out. The buggys are totally cute but you rent them at $85/day, which we deemed a complete ripoff and so refused to rent them. Of course, that didn't stop us from hopping into someone's buggy and taking photos of us in it anyway :P

Parking myself in the "Buggy Park". LOL!!

Chris vroom-ing away

Such a poseur

Lovely gardens

White hibiscus

What are these flowers?

Us :)

Walking along the roads around the island

And then..... we discovered something AMAZING. Something that made our jaws drop. Something that made us almost never want to leave the island. Think of the ONE thing in the world both of us are obsessed with, and then multiply it 12361233295321 times better. This was it. Coming up next, so stay tuned :)
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