Shoes of Prey offer something very novel - something that I'd always thought was out of my (price) reach, and that was for socialites and celebrities only.


Ever dreamt of having the perfect pair of shoes, that were just so, the way you want them, in the colour, fabric and details of your desire? Shoes of Prey do them. They're a new business owned by a friend of a friend, so I knew they were legit and promptly ordered a pair.

The Design process is the most fun. I spent about 2 hours playing around with all the different heels, backs, toes, etc.. putting together a ton of various designs. The only problem is having to decide :P It would have been even more powerful (and easier to envision the real thing) if the designer was like's version (their shoe designer is amazing), but considering it's a new site, the Designer still did it's job.

After much deliberation, I finally decided on my pair and checked out. And thus began the painful wait :P I guess the only downside to custom made shoes is the fact that they're individually made, so it takes around 4 weeks. I can't tell you how many times I accessed the "Status" page - literally twice a day, every day, for those 4 weeks. Disappointingly, all it ever said was "In Progress". A suggestion would be to keep the buyer really involved - after all, women really love the fantasy of shopping. Perhaps status updates like Order Passed to Warehouse, Snakeskin sourced, Base of heel completed, etc etc, would have made it a lot more exciting and would've made me feel like part of the process. Even better if the page was also updated with photos of the shoe being worked on in the workshop. With just "In Progress", it did feel like I was ordering from any other online store, instead of a bespoke one.

Anyway, after it was made, I was sent a photo of the shoes via email, which I thought was a brilliant touch. Really made me super excited to see them for real, and ever the more eager to get them! They arrived within a few days in a plain lime green box. I think they should come in a luxe black box, tied with a plush blood red velvet ribbon. I don't know why, but the name Shoes of Prey and those colours/textures just seem to fit, and would make it seem like opening a couture present :P

Inside were nestled my shoes, wrapped carefully in crepe. They'd also included various shoe inserts for me to customize further, which was a wonderful touch. But the SHOES. Oh... my!!! They were DIVINE. Amazingly, more beautiful than I'd imagined. The snakeskin simply shimmers - a stunning blend of turquoise, black and gold. The shoes had fantastic detail, every stitch in place and perfectly hand-made.

I ordered a US sz35.5 and it was a perfect fit. They feel amazing on, and my feet didn't ache at all after wearing 'em around the office all day (granted, it's not like a full day's shopping on my feet, I haven't tried that out yet!). Plus, 3 people commented on them, without me telling them I was wearing new shoes :)

Shoes of Prey ship worldwide and are very reasonably priced. I can't say again how fun it is playing around in the Designer and creating that perfect shoe. Try it out! Tell 'em I sent you and you'll get a free cookie*.

* cookie may or may not be imaginary

You can check out their Gallery to get some inspiration

Then it's design-my-own-shoe time!!

My shoes arrive with a photo of them (to stick on the shoebox for easy identification)
and a sweet hand-written letter

Some swatches were included. That silver snakeskin one is calling my name!

Here's my pair of beauties :)

A closeup of the snakeskin

A perfect fit

Side-on view



Gorgeous babe. Looks like a good site too :)
It was so fun designing my shoe, heh. Really pleased with it!
Beautiful! Now I'm going to neglect my work and try designing my own shoes!
Haha have fun, I could spend hours designing multiple pairs!
You are the few people who wrote something about that, I like it.
Yay thanks, I'm super happy with em!
I'm a huuuge fan of the snakeskin, the colour's totally wowing me too :P
That's a beautiful design, I'm definitely bookmarking that website. =)
Thanks hon, I had fun designing it, heh!
omgggg! amazing :)
Hee I super love em.. they make great shoes for work!
That's really nice shoes. I'm going to check out the website now.
Have fun :P
Hot shoes! Glad you're happy with them :)
Heh me likey. YOurs are hot too!
Pretty cool. I think the handwritten letter was the nicest touch. I want that job.
First time I've received a handwritten letter with a purchase :)


Thanks Beverly

Hi Beverly,
Glad to hear you love your shoes. Thanks so much for the great post and your excellent feedback.

We're actually working on black shoe boxes at the moment, so it's good to hear you think they will look nice. Excellent thoughts on the 'In Progress' status message. We hadn't expected people to check on that so much so we'll look into a process for updating it as the shoe progresses, that's a great idea.

Yours in beautiful shoes,

Michael Fox
Shoes of Prey

Re: Thanks Beverly

NP, I had heaps of fun!

NOt sure if everyone is as obsessive compulsive as I am.. but perhaps an update-status email so people can (remember to) check in. Plus it keeps you guys top-of-mind and people might mention to friends about it, thus word of mouth :P

Loving my shoes!


manolo blahnik

Manolo Blahnik is wonderful!Hold it. manolo blahnik ( is my favourite,thanks

Re: manolo blahnik

You shouldn't span COUNTERFEIT shoe sites of yours ;)
Ola-la look at those legs! Shoes look gorgeaous. Need to wear colder nail polish with them though. BTW you didn't mention price. Is it a killer?
Nah not so bad, it's all on their site when you design the shoes!
Hi Beverly! i've been visiting your blog for a while now. Love reading about your adventures and looking at your pictures. Thanks for sharing this shoe site! i hope you don't mind i've added you as a friend! Keep up the good blogging!
Thanks hon! I added you back too :)
wow fab!!

hope i dont get addicted to the site! :P
Hahah veery easy too, and the price is so reasonable for custom-madeshoes!
this is evil! PURE Evil!!!! =P
Haha sooo tempting hey :P
I am not into shoes, at all, but they are VERY nice and really fit your
feet well. I agree that you need the silver ones they sent a swatch of.
Those would be stunning, no doubt. I would imagine a pair in black would
be very useful too, and you could also get them to make a pink, or whatever, to match one of your handbags. That would really call attention to your accessories. :)

Seasons greetings!
I'm so happy they fit well and look nice - yayness!
I'm eyeing a pair in silver now.. hmmm
Ooh! Those look great!
Whee thanks hon!


Jessica Simpson shoes

I enjoyed visiting your site and reading your intersting comments. I look forward to viewing more of your future updates.



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