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68 Taicang Lu (太仓路68号)
Shanghai, China


I've heard the Taiwanese flock to Bellagio for a taste of their home country's food, and the restaurant is often packed with people every lunch and dinner. Set in a bright, sunlit dining room, it looks more like a western cafe than a place that serves Asian food. They have an extensive menu for their food, and another extensive menu for drinks/desserts. A tip would be to go with a group of people so you can order loads, because you'll definitely want to!

Their dishes are simple, yet hit the spot. Very tasty, served in average-to-big portions (HURRAY!) and well worth its value. I just adore places in Shanghai that charge a reasonable price for a decent quantity of good food. It's not surprising that they're bustling with diners all the time. The only downside is their utterly incompetent service. They're friendly and look efficient because they're hurrying around the place. However, NOTHING ever gets done! I asked repeatedly for water, and we also asked for chilli FIVE TIMES with FIVE DIFFERENT PEOPLE, and none arrived, leaving us reeling in disbelief. It was pretty clear to us that they would only bother serving "paid food", anything that is normally served complimentary is steadfastly ignored until you give up asking (we did, unfortunately giving them negative reinforcement).

Fortunately their food makes up for it. My favourite by far was the Dandan noodles - slippery tender noodles lounging in a creamy peanutty soup, and with the subtlest hint of spice. Absolutely delicious and great comfort food. The rest of the dishes were also well-received by all of us, and I was impressed that we didn't order a whole lot, but left satisfied.

Inside Bellagio

Mango and sago drink, creamy red bean drink. Both sound weird but they were tops!

Dandan noodles - the peanut soup was divine

Fatty pork and preserved vegetables - so tasty, we gobbled this right up

Spicy wontons - ok, nothing special

Fried ribs - deliciously spicy

Noodles in tomato broth and beef - Dad liked this one!

A hilarious candid photo of us

The tree-lined street Bellagio is on

A park just down the road

Dad and I at one of the Shanghai Expo booths, they're everywhere now!

Recognise where I'm standing? It's the area where Chris and I did our pre-wedding photos

Relaxing at Paul, a French bakery in Xintiandi

A cameraphone pic of me, iced coffee, and summer-time bliss :)

Walking around Xintiandi, along with 7428752 other tourists and Chinese locals

No paparazzi shots please!


the last photo looked just like you are in singapore!
Yeah, the Xintiandi area here is similiar to SG and other cities!
Ooh, tasty! I believe that I've probably been here before, but I only know the Chinese name. Can you post the Chinese names of the restaurants, if possible? It makes it much easier! Thanks :)

I can't read Chinese so I have no idea, sorry hon!
Haha, you do look like a celebrity in the last pic! :D
Haha it was a bit random, taken almost candid!
All the food look incredibly delicious!! I love noodles in a big bowl! mm..
That dandan noodles were GOOD! 2nd time I've had em and they're always spot on :)


are you wearing false eyelashes in these shots or using a really good brand of mascara, if you were doing the latter, please pray tell the brand of the mascara.
Nah no mascara, just falsies!


In the last pix, there is a handsome dude to your right who is an airline pilot behind you, looks like airline uniform to me? Or is he a model?

And what's with the 2 ladies dressed in yellow with black scarfs? Looks like air stewardess.

Or is the pilot & ladies part of a model staging shoot?

Though I have heard of places around the world that offers discounts to airline staff if they turn in uniforms.
You're very sharp, I was wondering who would be the first to notice!

It was just models dressed up.. they really drew a crowd :)
Cute dress.
thanks hon
Are those falsies or extensions? They look good!
See above :)
Yummmyyyy! I believe dan dan noodle broth is sesame-based :)
Oh and you look fab!
The menu lists it as "peanut" so not sure if they don't know their nuts, or theirs is different! I can't tell... but it's yummy :P
OMG I went to those two places when I visited Shanghai years ago! Like 2004 maybe...

I loved the shaved ice desserts at Bellagio! And Xintiandi I went to this fancy looking restaurant. I remember my mom saying the owner used to be a singer, and now the restaurant was famous for some sort of material they used (like colored glass?) Anyway, yay fond memories of food.
Oh wow didn't realise Bellagio has been around for so long!
Xintiandi has such fancy restaurants.. it's so overpriced but I like the ambience of the place :P
omg your pics look great. i LOVE noodle bowls. makes me want one now. i love your fashion sense too. you look sooo cute!
Thanks hon :D
I love noodles too.. noodles in Shanghai are SO good!
I'm a huge fan of the Bellagio's location near the Portman Ritz-Carlton. I try to get out there at least once a month. ^^ Beautiful pictures!

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